Tinnitus and possible therapies

Tinnitus is a phenomenon that can greatly affect the daily life of those affected. There is a rushing, whistling, buzzing, rattling in the ear - you "hear" it all the time and sometimes feel psychologically burdened.

How does tinnitus develop? The causes are manifold! In order to clearly clarify the clinical picture and to be able to quickly initiate appropriate measures, the medical history must first be taken in great detail.

This is followed by a complete ENT medical examination, which is supplemented by various diagnostic procedures. These include, for example, the tuning fork test, hearing test and audiometric procedures, X-ray examinations of the cervical spine, imaging of the inner ear, ultrasound and laboratory tests.

Various sounds and noises can be used to treat tinnitus. The noise generator, music therapy, the noiser and acoustic neuromodulation are available for this purpose.

The concentration on the tinnitus sound or tone is "redirected", the perception of the disturbing hearing is reduced. the perception of the disturbing auditory impression is pushed into the background and the brain is retrained with regard to the "wrong", disturbing auditory impression.

Every tinnitus patient has the opportunity to choose and try out the best and most effective method for him or her under professional guidance. The consistent application of the chosen therapy option, sometimes over months, is of decisive importance for the success of the therapy.

Within the framework of the cooperation with Swisstinnitus AG, we offer further diagnostic methods and forms of therapy. These are provided in coordination by SWISSTINNITUS AG and KSOW. Our patients thus benefit from a comprehensive range of services that is unique in Switzerland and is provided by our specialists on site.

You can find the relevant information on the Swisstinnitus AG homepage: www.swisstinnitus.ch

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