In our ENT practice in Sarnen, we carry out all clarifications in the ear, nose and throat area.

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You can no longer understand other people as clearly in conversation or in noisy surroundings....

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Do you have problems breathing through your nose? Do you get insufficient air through your nose?

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When a person is "dizzy", he or she feels unsafe due to a turning or swaying of the surroundings.

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Dear patient

Welcome to the
ear, nose and throat practice
of Prof. Dr. med. Markus Pfister in Sarnen.

In our practice you will be looked after by a
competent team in our practice. We offer you medical care of the highest quality according to
state-of-the-art medicine and technology.

Among other things, we attach great importance to short waiting times and the associated patient-oriented service.

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Marktstrasse 7
CH-6060 Sarnen

+41 41 660 9494

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Mon 08 h - 12 h und 13 h - 17 h
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