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High-tech for hearing: Two implant variants Picture of a woman with a cochlear implant

The high-tech mini devices are implanted in the area behind the ears and are later covered by the hair and are not visible. After healing, the surgical area is pain-free and there are no restrictions, for example, on sleeping.

After the implantation, the patients are accompanied step by step on the way to the optimal setting of the hearing aids by the specialist team of Prof. Pfister's ENT practice together with local hearing aid acousticians.

Recently, the modern bone conduction hearing aids have also been offered at the Obwalden Cantonal Hospital. Prof. Pfister, a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine, has been successfully performing these implantations for over 10 years.

Would you like to set out on the path to better hearing?
For a consultation appointment, please contact the ENT practice of Prof. Dr. med. Pfister, telephone 041 660 94 94.

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